TopArt artwork was built, planned in 2010 for a wonderful journey, full of aspirations to begin…
1. In 2012 TopArt was officially founded by Tina Thai. Tina Thai is a lecturer at Ton Duc Thang University. With 10 years of teaching and a great deal of experience and creativity, she has been the initiator of a real revolution in teaching methods and techniques to encourage and promote talents by introducing art education and application programs designed for children, Vietnamese future generations, into extensive activities.

2. April 2013
The 3/2 branch was officially opened, located on the 7th floor of the Royal Office Building, with more than 20 students registering for the opening day, showing great interest from parents.

3. 2014
2014 marked the significant transformation of TopArt Art with the opening of two big branches namely TopArt Hung Vuong Plaza and Khanh Hoa Children’s TopArt. In the same year, TopArt organized a number of creative drawing contests for children:
– July 27, 2014, TopArt launched the contest “Green Forest Journal” with the desire to provide children with a playground to nourish creativity and healthy lifestyle.
– 23/08/2014, the drawing contest “My Dream School” was held at Khanh Hoa Children’s House with the participation of over 200 contestants.
– 20/11/2014, to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, the contest ” A Thank-You Note to beloved teachers” was held at the TopArt 3/2 branch to express gratitude for teachers from different creative angles with fun and enjoyment through colors
– 24/12/2014, TopArt celebrated Christmas 2015 for students in the center …


4. 2015
Considered TopArt Children’s Art Year with many highlights:
– 9/1/2015, TopArt branch at Children’s Center was opened in District 10.
– 30/4/2015, the painting contest “Ho Chi Minh City-Beloved City” was organized in District 3 with the participation of more than 300 students.
– 30/5/2015, TopArt Phu My Hung was opened District 7.
– 5/2015, TopArt received the award “For the development of Education”
– 9/8/2015, TopArt’s biggest contest of the year namely “Let’s Give It Way” was organized with the participation of 500 students in the whole TopArt system.
– 26/9/2015, TopArt held the event “Colors of Mid-Autumn” at District 7’s branch with exciting performances, bringing the atmosphere of festival for children.
– November 2015, TopArt was honored to receive the “Leading Brand in 2015” awarded by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


5. 2016
At the beginning of 2016, TopArt held a contest to find talented young artists at Luong The Vinh Elementary School with the theme “City of Love” with 500 contestants aiming to arouse creative passion of children to conquer the dream of flying in the imagination of a world full of love, sharing and caring for others and protecting the nature, the environment for a modern civilized city …